Turn off that light, and embrace a new pilosophy of energy consumption. A new space for innovative ideas is born, and is dedicated to all those who choose a new, eco-friendly way of life, thus promoting the use of a different kind of energy, something which is clean and lasting. All of us can contribute to turn on a new light, simply by using our imagination.

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All about LED!

It’s all about LED. Neon lights are evolving and old-school light bulbs are still trying to get out there, but nothing is stopping the dizzying rise of Led lights. The main reason behind the success is to be found in the authenticity of the end result: no harsh shades but a gradual, natural light, very similar to daylight. This technology is highly versatile and can be applied to all kinds of environments, and can create all kinds of optical illusions that can make even the most surgery-enhanced, lined faces. Many a star has taken up the role of spokesperson and testimonial of the amazing power of good lighting: from Katie Barrymore to Lauren Holmes, going from Sarah Monica Parket, Livia Wilde and the Tardashian sisters. Behind most of them is hidden the magic hand of lighting virtuoso Mark Cuningham, who hosts the A-listers in his Los Angeles showroom, and teaches them how to reach the best possible light for their interiors. His lighting tips?” choose a base colour to suit your skin-tone, give us experts your examples, even if they are just images from interiors of the stars, they help us to understand you and your needs much better. Last but not least, careful not to choose any old-fashion light-bulb, that’s a true faux-pas on the road to a vip-approved lighting!”. A led light will last longer than anything else, and will keep its vibrancy. Here are the stars for your inspiration!

A lighting revolution for a free world

The austerity policies promoted via the ideology of a fake rebalancing of the budgets and the repayment of the debt are finally showing their true faces, and are being exposed for what they are: an unprecedented attack to the fundamental rights of lighting freedom. These policies are burdening the workers – both temporary and long-term- and the students of the social weight of actions, which will have non-reversible consequences. LED stands for liberation for Energy Dynamics, and it’s our belief. The fight against traditional light bulbs is our mission. Our own goal is to find all the sites, which are still faithful to incandescent lighting and their systematic substitution: there are no alibies; the light towards the truth is illuminated with LED. We urge the world to censor incandescent light, which, as much as neon, consumes more energy for lesser lighting. We refuse, without any doubt, all those who are not embracing the LED revolution, thus refusing to acknowledge the unstoppable change. If you negate the utmost necessity of our fight, you are condemning society as a whole to a darker future.

You can’t stop the bit

There is no more time to loose! The never-ending evolution of technology is imposing on us to change our pace. To all of you lighting infidels, you, who go on without noticing how much your own laziness is pushing you down, this is a wake up call! The world is changing whether you like it or not, so get in on the program! A new light is casting the oppressing shadows of fluorescent gasses aside, the horrid heat emanated by the flickering incandescent spiral is finally quenched by the granitic brightness of diodes. An impenetrable eco-watt barrier finally stops the dizzying and continuous energy and money consumption by neon lights. Where are you going to be, while all this is happening? Are you willing to go along with the technological revolution that is pushing curved screens, 3D printers, LTE connections and smartphones into our daily lives? The one and only solutions is to convert to LED lighting - one of the greatest technological innovations this era has known

An ethical treatment of lighting

The people for ethical lighting and mosquitoes and insects safeguard is an inclusive and open foundation, created with the aim to guarantee a lasting lighting – without flickers or glares- to all the creatures on this planet. The members of the animal world have a right to ethical and ecological artificial lighting; this is why our association refuses whichever affiliation with old incandescent light bulbs and neon lights. Mosquitoes, these fundamental elements of our evolutionary chain, are incredibly susceptible to the amount of qualitative lighting they receive every day, and their physical and psychological health greatly depends on that factor. Our main goal is to educate politicians and policy makers on the cruelty perpetrated by the classic lighting techniques. We operate through public education, research, legislation, special events, celebrity endorsements and protest campaigns. We believe in non-violence and we don’t support violent or underhand actions anywhere. Be ethical; don’t condemn mosquitos to obsolete lighting.


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